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san bruno blast. where rebuilding stands on today's your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. the push for answers six months after the san bruno blast. where rebuilding stands on today's anniversary and the disturbing revelations about pg&e's mistakes. new allegations of torture in libya. moammar qaddafi's latest threat to the u.s. if world leaders intervene. good morning. it is wednesday, march 9. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. good morning. 4:30 is your time. let's king kick it over to
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weather. the warmest day of the week. we have patchy fog so be careful. through the day the fog is going to start to disappear. temperatures are going to warm up to the 60s and low 70s. enjoy it, we have storms lining up after that. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. first elizabeth has traffic. >> is this going to be sit in the sun kind of day, no, sorry. >> wishful thinking. we are off to a nice start. we have a little bit of overnight roadwork extending for another half hour or so including some along the dumbarton bridge. there's live look at traffic heading towards the toll plaza and it sounds like that construction is in the westbound and eastbound lanes of 84. otherwise quiet especially here at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delays into san francisco. more traffic coming up and weather. back to you guys. >> thank you. today marks six months
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since the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. survivors of the blast gathered to honor those who died. pg&e is still answering questions about what went wrong. christin ayers is in san bruno with the latest. christin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. tonight at 6:11, the time to the minute that the explosion happened here in san bruno, residents will gather to remember the 8 who died. the vigil will go on tonight as new details emerge about a botched pg&e repair job in milpitas just 50 minutes before the explosion happened according to national transportation safety board documents. when power was out in milpitas, pressure to three peninsula gas lines spiked above their usual level. city officials say it's an alarming revelation. >> certainly it raises questions about what was going on and how it might possibly have affected what happened in
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san bruno. >> i think it's scary. pg&e knows a lot more than what they are leading on. i seriously believe they are covering it up. >> reporter: the california public utilities commission is still waiting on documents from pg&e that prove that nearly a third its gas transmission lines are safe according to the "san francisco chronicle," the puc is threatening sanctions if pg&e doesn't have those documents available by next tuesday. pg&e has promised to make those documents available. they told us in a statement that it's critical that they find out everything that led up to this explosion. >> thank you, christin ayers in san bruno. this morning, a fire in a farmhouse in rural pennsylvania has killed seven children inside. their mother was in a barn milking cows, the father taking a nap in a milk delivery truck. a 3-year-old girl who was watching television at the time
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escaped. she ran to the barn and told her mother. the house was filled with smoke. siblings ranged in age from 7 months to 11 years. the cause of the fire is being investigated. and new developments in libya this morning. we just learned that the united nations has opened an investigation into allegations of torture by leader moammar qaddafi's forces. this comes as qaddafi is issuing a new warning. he says libyans will fight back if western nations impose a no- fly zone to keep his regime from using its air force to bomb anti-government rebels. qaddafi's threat came in a threat with turkish television. he blamed the up rising in libya on youths misled and drugged by al qaeda. later this morning, president obama will meet with his national security advisors to talk about libya and how to get qaddafi to step down. the administration insists that if there is a no-fly zone, it would be authorized by the united nations and not the united states.
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meantime in libya, pro- qaddafi forces have stopped rebels from advancing towards the capital of tripoli. 4:34. possible police misconduct in san francisco means more than 40 criminal cases are expected to be dropped today. those cases are linked to eight police officers accused of misconduct and perjury from drug busts caught on tape in residential hotels. at least 13 other cases have already been dismissed since the video was released by the public defender. san jose police hope someone can identify a gunman seen on surveillance video. the tape is from january, the night three people were killed at the mexicali club. take a look. a close-up shot from the video shows the gunman on the right wearing a gray bulletproof vest. the video shows the gunman chasing the owner of the club, grabbing him in a head lock and forcing him outside. they were out of camera range when the gunman shot the club owner, who managed to survive. police released the video to
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identify the suspect. >> we no longer feel that we have an opportunity to identify him before he harms somebody else. and at this point, public safety and the safety of the general public outweighs keeping this under wraps. >> police say a drug debt was behind the attack. what the video doesn't show is the gun battle that killed three people, two suspects and a man in the club who shot them. 4:36 on this wednesday. the city of antioch has agreed to labor concessions to keep police officers from being laid off. the plan approved last night calls for scheduled salary increases to be deferred for officers sworn in since 2009. and beginning this summer officers will also need to start paying 3% of their salary towards their pensions. the labor deal will save antioch close to a million dollars. a lot of unanswered questions this morning about a body that washed up on rocks near fort mason in san francisco. the body was found yesterday afternoon. the national park police are
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handling the case because the remains were discovered on parkland. authorities haven't revealed the gender or age of the person or how the person may have died. a warning for pet owners in silicon valley. someone apparently is trying to poison animals at a sunnyvale dog park. police say boxes of rat poison were found at the las palmas dog park on two separate instances. the small green pellets were discovered out in the open at the park. a threat reading "all dogs must die" was scrawled in blue marker on one of the boxes that was found. no dogs have been hurt yet. but park-goers say they are concerned about the safety of their pets and even their children. >> obviously i don't like it because i have two dogs of my own, and children that are here at the park running around. >> sunnyvale city officials are asking residents to be aware of their surroundings and to report any suspicious behavior. 4:37. did lawrence say 70? >> i think he did. he wasn't talking about his
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age, either. >> thank you very much. [ laughter ] >> we love to see you, lawrence. >> happy wednesday, buddy. >> thank you very much. looks like a great day around the bay area. we do have this one weak system you can see it right here sliding into california. that will likely bring high clouds today with some patchy fog. another system behind that could bring us rain as early as tomorrow. so let's enjoy the day today. temperatures outside running in the 40s and 50s, again you have some patchy fog showing up around the bay area so be careful heading out. i think though as we head in toward the next couple of days we are going to enjoy some big changes as we'll see that sunshine for today but we may see as high as 70 in the napa valley, 69 fremont, 69 livermore and 68 degrees in san jose. 50s at the coast. but then things change again. those nice warm temperatures go away and we bring back some rain in the forecast for tomorrow. looks like a dry day come
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friday. but then as we look toward the weekend, yup, here we go again. chance of showers coming up, unsettled, possibly wet through tuesday. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. let's go out towards the antioch bridge. they were doing one way traffic control overnight doing some roadwork. that is all picked up. now you're good to go heading into antioch and so far no brake lights even through a street towards somersville and pittsburg on into concord, nice and quiet, as well. in fact, we're off to a good start. no accidents out there right now. nothing out there blocking lanes. here's live look at the san mateo bridge. should be about a 13-minute drive time between hayward and foster city. those headlights are eastbound traffic off the high-rise, looking good in either direction. yesterday it was very hard to see that traffic shot because of all the low clouds and fog. you see a little better today a cross the golden gate bridge we are doing great through marin county. they have not done the lane change yet on the golden gate bridge. they should do that closer to 5:00. also, mass transit is on time. remember our radio partners,
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kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. if anything changes, you can catch them on the radio. that's your traffic and your weather. back up to you. >> all right, elizabeth. it is 4:39. we have a car caper with celebrity intrigue and a lamborghini, too. >> obviously the guy had a lot of ambitious to steal the car. >> the wild plan to steal a television star's wheels from a bay area showroom. and why the thief will have so much trouble selling it. >> plus, something very fishy in so cal. the mystery behind millions of dead fish and the strange sound boaters heard coming up. ,,
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all right, folks. got a good day coming our way, a lot of sunshine, a few clouds this afternoon, 60s and low 70s. there is some rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. >> there always is, lawrence, one way or the other, right? the space shuttle discovery
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will return to earth today. it will touch down at the kennedy space center just before 9 a.m. our time. the discovery crew woke up this morning to the song, coming home, by gwyneth paltrow. astronauts have spent 13 days in space. this is the 39th and the final mission for discovery. after it lands it will go to the smithsonian. this is not your run of the mill car thief. a suspect rappels down the side of a bay area building sometime overnight last night to rip off a sports car. it just so happens the owner of that vehicle is a national known celebrity. grace lee reports, the hardest part of the job for the thief may still be ahead. >> i would say it's unusual. >> reporter: it's a caper of movie proportions. >> hello, ladies... >> reporter: but say good-bye to a lamborghini gallardo like this one because someone climbed on the roof of the bentley lamborghini lotus
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dealership and stole the $200,000 car. >> i would say it definitely required a certain amount of planning to have the ropes and a certain amount of experience with the ropes to know how to use them. >> reporter: police believe that the thief rappelled from the roof using rock climbing gear, then jimmied open a second-story window and strolled inside with various tools that he left behind, the culprit cut the inside locks and then drove away in the lamborghini. we don't know the face behind the criminal genius yet. but we do know the owner. >> nice little pizza dish. >> reporter: in 2008, yellow and black gallardo belongs to food network guy fieri the host of a show. if you haven't seen his shows you may have eaten at one of his restaurants. he owns johnny garlic and another restaurant in the santa rosa area. >> obviously he had a lot of ambitious to steal his car. >> reporter: spencer sells vintage and race cars and says, a job like this is really shocking. >> i have never heard of one
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being stolen under these circumstances. >> reporter: he says the challenge will be to sell a car because it would be hard to sell a car this flashy whole or in parts. >> even to disassemble the car and sell parts, there are very few motors and transmissions and body parts running around like this. >> reporter: what do you do with one of these stolen beauties? your best bet would be to sell it overseas if you can get it to a port, you better hope the shipping officials look the other way when they check your papers or you could hide it in a big box. grace lee, cbs 5. governor brown's budget deadline is tomorrow and there is no deal. republican lawmakers holding firm to their demands for reforms and no tax extensions. the governor wants voters to decide on tax extensions. five republicans saying they are at an impasse because
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governor brown refuses to budge on reforms. today san francisco mayor ed lee will unveil his plan to implement the city's new local hire ordinance. the law takes effect later this month requiring certain percentages of workers on large construction projects to be from san francisco. the "chronicle" reports lee's plan is designed to resolve questions about the costs of the ordinance. it is 4:46. that suspect in the arizona shooting rampage heading to court. how psychiatric tests could affect his case. plus, bath, bedtime, blackberry? how smart phones at home could be leading to mommy guilt. >> winning... >> well, are you sick of winning talk? the new app that lets you silence charlie sheen. we'll be right back. ,,
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morning so far there have been no reports of injuries or damage. the shaking a 7.3 earthquake off the northwest coast of japan this morning. so far no reports of injuries
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or any damage. the shaking could be felt hundreds of miles away in tokyo. train lines were interrupted but service was restored in an hour. the tucson shooting suspect will be arraigned on nearly 50 new charges today. jared loughner facing 49 felony counts for murder and attempted murder. he is accused of killing six people and woundings 13 others in january including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. today a judge will also consider an order for a psychological evaluation to see if loughner is competent to stand trial. the man accused of driving from manteca to pleasanton with his wife on the hood of his minivan will undergo mental exams before going on trial. that's 36-year-old christopher carroll. he is due back in court march 29th. he tried to plead guilty earlier this month but the judge rejected that. the "contra costa times" reports the mental example will be to see if he is competent to stand trial. >> his wife is one lucky gal.
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marine biologists are trying to figure out what killed millions of fish in southern california in redondo beach marina yesterday. scientists had tested the oxygen levels in the water and say it was nearly zero but they don't know why. boaters woke up to find the fish surrounding their vessels. >> the boaters that live in the area were awakened by it. they said it sounded like hail to them and then they looked outside and they saw all these fish kind of gasping for air. >> they were so thick in some places, the boats just couldn't move. they got stuck. this is the first fish kill in the harbor in the last decade. hundreds of volunteers are removing the first to a recycling plant for fertilizer. >> whoo boy, that must be some kind of mess out there today. folks, we have a great day coming our way as we are going to see a lot of sunshine in the afternoon, couple of clouds moving through. right now a couple of patches
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of fog out there this morning. partly cloudy skies, yup, it is looking a little cloudy out there but not too bad as it looks like we are going to see lots of sunshine by the afternoon. tell you what, probably the warmest day of the week, numbers running up in the 60s, even a couple of low 70s around the bay area. you have some sunshine and a mix of high clouds moving on by. he right now a couple of clouds as a weak system is sliding through the northern part of the state but this is going to move through making for an interesting sunset outside but enjoy today. sunshine come our way. we have a storm system behind us. this could bring rain to the bay area on thursday so we have a nice break from the stormy weather that looks like it's going to be great outside. temperatures looking like this. plan on 70 in morgan hill. 70 milpitas. 70 los gatos. 68 degrees in sunnyvale. as we look toward the east bay temperatures warming up nicely. couple of 70s showing up in dublin and pleasanton, 69 in livermore and 70 degrees in
4:52 am
walnut creek. clouds in the north bay will hold the temperatures down a little. still, we may squeeze out about 70 in the napa valley, 67 santa rosa, 65 degrees in san anselmo. at the coast temperatures in the 50s. over the next few days we're enjoying a spring break today, by tomorrow a chance of showers returns to the bay area. friday looks dry right now. but then toward the weekend another storm system gathers and keeps things unsettled possibly wet, more rain expected on sunday. showers possibly continuing on monday and tuesday. all right. let's get a traffic check with elizabeth. >> seems to rain whenever i'm trying to plan an outdoor activity. no hiking on saturday for morning. we are doing great on the roads. no big issues so far this morning. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delay this morning heading into san francisco and it looks like no roadwork at all on the upper deck. in fact, if you are coming into san francisco along the peninsula, 101 traffic moves well. this is near lagoon way and you can see some of the headlights
4:53 am
moving northbound. 280 looks good. the san mateo bridge, quiet. taillights in the commute direction. there is a little overnight roadwork, various ramps are closed north- and southbound 880 heading towards eastbound 92. most of this overnight roadwork we are told by caltrans should wrap up in the next 15 minutes or so. hopefully by maybe 5:00. so watch out for that. otherwise, farther up the nimitz freeway 880 through oakland, here's a live look. all top speeds on all of our traffic sensors. those headlights, that is southbound traffic on 880, cruising all the way towards hayward and mass transit is all on time so far for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. today is ash wednesday. services are under way for christians all around the world. the holy day marks the
4:54 am
beginning of the lenten season. the 40 days leading up to easter. catholics open the day by receiving ashes on their foreheads and abstaining from meat. many christians give up certain luxury items as well during lent as a sign of sacrifice and devotion. >> and you wonder why so many people were partying hard at mardi gras. that's why. giving up something for 40 days. okay. does your blackberry keep buzzing long after you have left work? new studies show many women feel guilty about bringing their work home with them even if it doesn't interfere with family life. researchers found that women who frequently contacted by coworkers or clients at home experience higher levels of psychological distress. men, on the other hand, ah, they're just so relaxed, they are just less affected by it. well, before you make a big financial decision, you might want to sleep on it. a new study found that choices made while sleep deprived can be overly optimistic. people in the study performed a series of money-related tasks. researchers say those who didn't get enough sleep it ended to make riskier decisions with money than they did with a
4:55 am
full night sleep. >> we do a lot of sleep stories, don't we. [ laughter ] >> and we can relate. fired cbs star charlie sheen is firing back. he continued his public meltdown on a new webcast. >> you didn't go there because you judge me, you condemn me, discarded me. well, not anymore. winning! [ laughter ] >> oh, my goodness. it's getting bad now. >> it's scary. >> it really is. he just does not look good. sheen's latest winning rant was his reaction to being hired from his hit show "two and a half men" here on cbs. earlier tmz captured him on a rooftop waving a machete on the roof of a building. come on, charlie. sheen says he will sue over that firing. >> this is starting to remind me, remember, when britney spears shaved her head? >> right. if you're suffering from charlie sheen information overload, well, there is an app for that. a browser plug-in called tented sheen blocks any mention of sheen from your browser. it adds on in seconds and
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blocks his name with colored bars. it works with firefox and chrome and is similar to one called the bieber blocker that blocks -- well, you know who. okay. it is 4:55. a sticky situation at a bay area atm. how crooks are using glue to rob people. and a grim anniversary for victims of the san bruno pipeline explosion. we'll tell you the new details emerging about the mistake pg&e made in the minutes leading up to the blast. and hundreds of teachers' jobs are on the line this morning. we'll tell you about the big decision being made tonight. and libya's dictator comes down hard in a new speech. his threat if the u.s. tries to impose a no-fly zone. what the u.n. is doing this morning. ,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado six months after the san bruno blast, the investigation heats up. the new questions about pg&e's mistakes and where rebuilding
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efforts stand today. plus, no guns, just glue. how some crafty crooks are robbing people at some bay area atms. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, march 9. i'm sydnie kohara. hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. thanks for joining us on this wednesday. you're halfway through the workweek. it's 4:59. we're pushing 5:00. weather-wise looking good, huh? >> yeah. we want to start your day, get out there. because it's going to be a nice one, right, lawrence? >> i think we have a happy hump day coming our way, probably the warmest day of the week. we have patchy fog and a whole lot of sunshine in between. today we could see 60s and low 70s by the afternoon then more rain coming our way. let's talk about traffic on this nice day. we have elizabeth here. >> nothing should slow you down so relax, no rush to

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